Waxes and oils for interior and exterior

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For the first-time treatment and care of exterior woodwork.

Especially suitable for untreated and oiled wood in need of deep impregnation.

Natural Timber Oil refreshes old wood, maintains the wood sound and elastic, protects against the weather and provides a good UV-protection (except colourless). Enjoy the simple and quick application.

For the open-pored impregnation of all absorbent interior surfaces.

For the open-pore top coating of wood and other surfaces interior use which have been treated with LEINOS Hard Oil 240 before.

For wooden floorings, Sterling OSB-boards and similar surfaces.

For surface treatment of all types of concrete and stoneware, indoors.

For the best care of your “ workbench”.

Oiled countertops are in need of regular maintaining due to wear and tear.
Countertop oil is especially formulated for the demands within the kitchen.

Water and dirt resistant, resistant to abrasion, for all wooden countertops indoors.

Hard-wearing, satin finish made of oils, wax and resins.

For priming and coating of all interior surfaces exposed to wear and tear, like floorings and stairs, terra cotta, derived timber products as Sterling OSB boards and similar surfaces. Also suitable for commercial areas.

With integrated Primer. Interior.