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Statistics show: allergy rates are rising. Because of this, more and more consumers are specifi cally looking for products that not only are made with natural and ecologically friendly materials, but also correspond to their high expectations of quality.

LEINOS was one of the first labels to affi x their name to the concept of “natural colours” and continues to be associated with this concept today. LEINOS Naturfarben are made with as many natural and natural-identical substances as possible and are free from non-degradable environmental pollutants.

Hundreds of different chemicals are used in the manufacture of paints and coatings. In contrast, the choices in the area of natural paints are in the low hundreds. In order to ensure that the effects on humans and the environment are compatible, information is provided regularly and the legal requirements are observed. Customer inquiries about ingredients are answered at any time with detailed advice.

In that spirit: Live in a natural way!

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Shortly before the upcoming garden season 2022 we would like to present you an extension in our color assortment.
You can find more info in this article.
Due to the novel binder combination, we have succeeded in producing our unique silicate clay paint. This is a high-quality, ready-to-use wall paint that combines the outstanding properties of silicate and clay paints.
We are also proud of our silicate hybrid paint, which has impressive processing advantages. By embedding a glass fiber fleece in a modified wet-on-wet system, the usual waiting and restarting times are eliminated and ready-to-use results are created immediately.

The product groups in detail

Dachstuhl vor blauem Himmel

Wood preservation from scratch: Fence glaze, woodworm-free, priming oils with and without blue stain protection, varnishes.

Rote Fenster im Fachwerkhaus

Simply translucent: weatherproof glazes for exterior wood or decorative glazes for interior wood.

Blick auf Parkettboden in Wohnzimmer

Oils provide excellent protection against wind and weather outdoors and an unsurpassed "wood feel" indoors.

Wischeimer mit Reinigungsmittel

Natural products also need care: cleaners, graying agents, care oils, polishes and waxes for inside and outside.

Beispiel für Wandgestaltung

Here you will find all products for natural wall design: wall paints, brush-on and roller plasters as well as all products for creative wall design.

Fassaden im Außenbereich

Here you will find all products for a durable and yet natural facade design in the outdoor area.

1000 and one possibility: Our color pigments open up the entire color space for you. For special effects also in gold and silver.

Lackierte Haustür

Insulating primers, undercoats, varnishes and, for exterior use, special weather protection paints for wood.


Products for pollutant and mold remediation, wood lyes, leaching agents and thinners.


Aqueous dispersion adhesive based on natural latex. Suitable for floor coverings such as carpet or cork.