About us


Our philosophy: Pure nature - but healthy living before naturalness

In 1985, the pharmacist and natural substance chemist Helge Ortwin Schumacher founded the company LEINOS Naturfarben in Essen, which was entered in the commercial register in March 1986. The motivation for this was his daily experience with people who became seriously ill through the use of synthetic chemical paints, varnishes and glazes.
This led him to the realization that surface treatment products should be made from natural substances with which he had had good experience from time immemorial.
The entrepreneur's vision was therefore to make an innovative contribution to the development and production of toxicologically harmless and ecologically high-quality natural paint products under the motto "pure nature or nature-identical".
Since then, LEINOS Naturfarben has been engaged in the development, production and sale of products that support the growing health awareness and health care.
In the course of time, however, it became apparent that certain natural or nature-identical ingredients posed higher toxicological and ecological risks than corresponding synthetic substances.
The selection criterion "natural" could therefore no longer be a compelling argument if these raw materials entailed health risks.
Based on this toxicological data situation, LEINOS decided as early as the 1980s to replace the natural solvents turpentine oil and orange oil, both of which have a high allergy potential, with the less hazardous isoparaffins.
Our most important decision-making criteria in the selection of raw materials are the highest possible human compatibility, very good environmental compatibility and excellent technical properties - All this under the new motto: "Pure nature - but healthy living over naturality".




The products: Almost all suitable for allergy sufferers

LEINOS invested in new premises and personnel for the application-technical product testing and professionally qualified training and further education of its customers and employees.
At the turn of the year 1989/1990, the company was therefore relocated to a former paint factory in Heiligenhaus. Here, sufficient space was initially available for development, production and storage.
In order to guarantee the highest possible ecological standard, we now produce in our new factory in Horneburg using the most modern methods and cooperate with well-known suppliers.
With new and further developments of innovative and equally ecological products, the company LEINOS Naturfarben has done pioneering work many times in the last years.
In the last years LEINOS has succeeded with great success in combining quality and ecology on the basis of natural raw materials and in extremely reducing toxic effects. With these products the company belongs to the market leaders. Highest compatibility characterizes all products of LEINOS.
For us a matter of course - for you good to know: Almost all LEINOS products are suitable for allergy sufferers after consulting a doctor.