Silicate Hybrid Paint 694


Ecological one-pot system for the rational application of paint fleece indoors.

Application range: 

Adhesive and finishing coat for embedding paint fleece according to VOB DIN 18363, and for creating high-quality surfaces. For all load-bearing wall and ceiling surfaces indoors, except paint and latex coatings.

Technical qualities: 

Wet scrub resistance class 2 (scrub resistant, old), contrast ratio (hiding power, old) class 2 according to DIN EN 13300. Fungus and mold inhibiting, pH value >11. In combination with an embedded glass fiber fleece, fire protection class A2 (non-combustible) is achieved according to DIN 4102. Prerequisite is a correspondingly classified substrate and a corresponding glass fleece.


Natural white.

Full declaration: 
Water, potassium water glass, mineral pigments, modified organic binders. The VOC content of this product is max. 1g/l. The EU limit is max. 30 g/l (category "a", 2010).

All surfaces to be reinforced must be properly prepared in accordance with VOB Part C DIN 18636 and the BFS data sheets. Carefully remove wallpaper and paste residues. Depending on the quality requirements, the substrate should at least correspond to a Q2 filler. Substrates containing water-soluble, discoloring substances must be checked for suitability beforehand. Alkali-sensitive substrates must be covered. Smooth and non-absorbent substrates must be pretreated with LEINOS Mineral Plaster Primer, different absorbent substrates with LEINOS Silicate Primer, diluted 1:1 to 1:3 with water. LEINOS Silicate Hybrid Paint is adjusted ready for use as a fleece adhesive and should NOT be diluted.


LEINOS Silicate Hybrid Paint is applied generously to the substrate by rolling, brushing or spraying. A glass fiber fleece (approx. 35 g/m2 and 270 µm) is now laid into the still wet paint film (approx. 350 - 450 ml/m2) dry, as well as wrinkle and bubble-free, with an overlap of approx. 5 cm. An "almost invisible" seam area is achieved by an undulating double seam cut. The final coat is now applied immediately, wet in wet, with LEINOS Silicate Hybrid Paint and can be thinned with water up to 5 %, if necessary.


Product is ready to use as a fleece adhesive and can be thinned with 5% water in the final coat. Cleaning with water and LEINOS Plant Soap 930.

Drying time: 

At least 24 h at 20°C and 50% relative humidity. Ensure good ventilation!

Container sizes and coverage: 

1 l is sufficient for approx. 2 m2 depending on the absorbency of the substrate. The exact consumption must be determined in advance on a sample surface.

10l15 m2
2,5l4 m2

* Average range per coat

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Stable for at least 12 months when originally sealed. Store in a cool, dry and closed place. Protect from frost. Opened containers cannot be stored.

In accordance with local, official regulations.
Dried product residues can be disposed of with household waste.
EAK 08 01 20.
Special advice: 
All LEINOS silicate paint products are particularly suitable for historic buildings, but also for use in modern architecture. 
In contrast to conventional paints bound with synthetic resins, silicate paints do not form a paint film after drying, but a paint layer. 
The aging of these silicate paints takes place through a continuous, very slow layer thickness degradation. In technical literature, this behavior is referred to as "chalking".
This chalking is a property typical of the material and NOT a product defect.
To achieve optimum results, it is essential that the material is thoroughly stirred and sieved before processing so that dried paint particles are removed from the bucket rim or lid. These are typical properties of the material and NOT a product defect.
Hazard statements: 

Safety data sheet available on request. Warning! Hazardous respirable droplets may be formed when sprayed. Do not breathe spray or mist. 

Precautionary statements: 
Keep out of reach of children.
Avoid release to the environment.
Dispose of contents/container according to local regulations.