Protect oiled wooden floors? Yes, of course!


Anyone who has chosen a wooden floor for their own four walls benefits from the individual look and naturalness of the subfloor. However, in order for these properties to last for many years, the flooring should be given appropriate protection. Many use varnishes in this context. But it is precisely here that caution is required, because if the layer of varnish lying on the wood is damaged by dirty footwear or the backs of chairs or furniture, there is a risk that moisture will penetrate the wood, making the surface unsightly from the inside out.
In contrast, oiled wood floors offer great advantages: The oil is massaged into the surface and absorbs into the wood fiber - hardening the natural substrate from the inside. This not only ensures that the surface has a raw, untreated and correspondingly authentic look. It also contributes to a healthy indoor climate thanks to its open pores. A sophisticated and high-quality system for protecting, maintaining the value of and cleaning wooden floor coverings is available from LEINOS. The various care products of the natural paint manufacturer not only make the underneath more resistant to scratches and cracks, but also protect it from liquids such as coffee, red wine, cola and beer.


Auftragen der Pflanzenseife
As basis for the maintenance care a cleaning with the LEINOS plant soap 930 offers itself for instance. For this purpose, about 30 to 50 milliliters of the product are added to ten liters of lukewarm water and the floor can be wiped.
Based on vegetable fatty acids and water, this universal cleaner is ideal for the care and surface cleaning of worktops or floors made of wood, cork, linoleum, PVC and stone, where a strong regreasing effect is required. This natural product, a vegetable fatty acid soap based on ancient recipes, is equally universal as a powerful household cleaner.
Bodenmilch The actual care is then carried out with Floor Milk 920. Ten to 30 milliliters are sufficient for the same amount of water. For floors subject to heavy wear, the floor milk can also be used undiluted. With the floor milk LEINOS offers not only an optimal basic care for newly treated floors but also a maintenance care adapted to the cleaning with plant soap (approx. every 4 - 6 weeks in addition to the cleaning). So you can protect oiled, waxed and varnished surfaces against dirt and abrasion already with a small amount of LEINOS Floor Milk. Without polishing, the silk-glossy surface, which you rightly expect from an oiled natural floor, is already created after a short drying time. The right solution for optimum value retention. 
Ölwäsche Vorher/Nachher
For the regular care of the subfloor - for example, also for the partial or seamless repair of running roads - the LEINOS Maintenance Oil 285 is particularly suitable. With this equipment, the occupants can not only enjoy the long-lasting natural look of their wooden floor, but also benefit from the improvement of the indoor climate.
Oiled floors offer the possibility of both large-scale, partial touch-ups and thorough, complete cleaning.
The so-called oil wash makes sanding superfluous: The dirt is literally massaged out of the floor. This is how your floor gets back into top shape - moreover, dust-free, quick, financially compatible and repeatable as often as desired over the years.